Development of a sustainable product range and awareness raising: ALDI Poland

Development of a sustainable product range and awareness raising: ALDI Poland

Responding to increasing public demand, ALDI Poland expands its sustainability activities, including working to reduce food waste and to protect bees.

Recent studies confirm that consumer awareness of sustainability is steadily growing in Poland. Consequently, we are continually developing our sustainable product range to raise customer awareness further and provide comprehensive information about our CR activities.

We published two CR magazines in 2021, available at our stores or online, and we inform our customers how they can protect the environment in their daily lives by making sustainable decisions. Reducing food waste is an important issue for us in Poland and this is reflected in a campaign we ran in November 2021. Together with the Polish influencer Sylwia Majcher, we published a special magazine to inform our customers about food waste and the zero-waste concept. We also published our first CR magazine for children to raise their environmental consciousness.

In 2021, we continued our cooperation with charities and donated food, with Caritas Polska as our biggest recipient. We aim to extend our donations to small local charities in the near future. Our cooperation continued with Klub Gaja in 2021. The work focused on bee protection and we set up an educational apiary together. Children are able to use the apiary to learn about bees and their lives. We also planted three flower meadows in the neighbourhood of some of our stores to attract insects and increase biodiversity. In 2021, we continued to implement environmental solutions for our stores, such as solar panels, LED lightning and green roofs.

Our highlights

96 %

of our stores donate food to charities

Our goal is to minimise wasted food by donating products to public benefit organisations. Wherever possible, we aim to achieve cooperation on food-waste prevention for all our stores.


food waste prevention campaign

Every autumn, we conduct a campaign on how people can reduce food waste. The campaign includes information in store, on social media, and in a special CR magazine focused on food waste.

ALDI Poland in profile

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Total ALDI employees
Year of market entry

Progress on national goals 2021

Customer & Product


Description and scope

Status 2021 & next steps


Food donations at all stores by end of 2020

100% of Polish stores to donate unsaleable yet still edible food to charitable institutions by end of 2020.

Goal partially achieved.
Status 2020: 93% of the stores donate food, +125% compared to the previous year. It is not possible to have charity partners in all stores due to rural locations, etc. However, we will continue to work on integrating all stores where possible.

SDG 12

100% own-brand products labelled with waste sorting symbols on new and changed packaging

Optimisation of the packaging of own-brand products and increase in the number of recycling symbols on products launched in the market.

New goal.
In 2021, we have implemented the sorting symbol on 30 own brands, and the number of products within this logo is constantly increasing.

SDG 12

Phase-out of caged eggs by 2025 – (fresh eggs and products containing eggs)*

Declaration on the withdrawal of eggs produced in cage farming from product ingredients

Project ongoing.
In 2021, over 45% of our own-brand products containing eggs are sourced from alternative husbandry forms such as barn, free range, or organic, and this figure is growing.

* The phrasing of the goal was adapted according to the requirements.

Employees & Community


Description and scope

Status 2021 & next steps


100% of our new employees participate in a comprehensive onboarding programme*

A comprehensive training programme for people starting work, including an introduction to all departments of the company, and provision of welcome package to new employees. The programme is designed to support new employees and facilitate their start at the company.

Project ongoing.

SDG 04

* The phrasing of the goal was adapted according to the requirements.

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